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Different Methods of Texturing Drywalls

Different Methods of Texturing Drywalls
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Drywall can be left plain and simple, or can also be textured depending on your preference. There are different methods of adding texture to drywalls and they can be done using hands, machines or other tools. In this post, we’ll go through these different techniques of texture coating of walls and ceilings, which we’ll divide into two categories: the hand applied and machine applied texture.

Drywall Textures That Are Hand Applied

Different Methods of Texturing DrywallsWhile the term says hand applied, it doesn’t necessarily mean that bare hands are used for this. Tools like brushes, knives and pans can be used.

  • Stomp Knockdown. Stiff bristled brushes are used to stomp on the surface after applying the mud. There are different styles of brush and the choice is up to you. Brushes that are double headed are often used to make the process faster. Knife is then used to smooth the texture once it slightly settled.
  • Rosebud Stomp. This technique is often used on ceilings and it got its name because it resembles an opening flower. According to the experts from drywall repair Chatsworth, thinner compound is recommended. A rosebud brush or one with bristles that are about 3 to 4 inch long is used for stomping.
  • Swirl. It can be mostly seen on ceilings, although some also use it on walls. As the term suggests, swirls of half circle patterns are applied on the wallboard. Like the rosebud stomp, it also requires thinner mud compound. A wallpaper brush can be used for placing the patterns.
  • Hawk and Trowel. As the name implies, hawk and trowel are used to apply the texture. Overlaying texture can be seen, which may resemble water waves.
  • Skip Trowel. An 18-inch wide curved knife is traditionally used for this texturing technique. Very thin mud is applied on the surface of the wallboard.

Drywall Textures That Are Machine Applied

In this category, sprays are used in order to get the desired texture, which will be discussed below.

  • Popcorn. It got its name because this texture looks like popped corns. While this is a popular texture used commonly on ceilings in the past years, many now prefer new textures. Spray acoustic is used to get this texture.
  • Orange Peel. This texture resembles an orange peel, thus getting its name. A spray nozzle with smaller tip is connected to a long hose to spray textured mud.
  • Splatter Knockdown. It’s one of most popular textures used today. Compressed air and texture material are used to achieve this result. Tint may also be applied to the texture material if desired.
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